Chemtrails, Conspiracy, Cirrus Clouds, Climate Change and Cows

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8 min readDec 17, 2018

What is with all these artificial cirrus clouds? Are airplanes spraying chemicals over our heads? Could this be the cause of climate change? Is this all just a hoax?

Chemtrails and Conspiracy Theories

A search on Google for ‘Chemtrails’ will yield over 7 million results! Before you dive down the chemtrail theory rabbit hole, know that you will be delving into a world of passionate individuals that will do everything possible to convince you that their theory holds water. In your search , you will read about whistle blowers, Dane Wigington, Geoengineering, Climate Engineering, Solar Radiation Management, HAARP, and Weather Modification.

Note that often impassioned individuals have something to gain by convincing you of their theories. For example, Dane Wigington would like you to buy is book ‘Georengineering A Chronicle of Indictment’ for just $46.95. There are many books and videos on the topic. Let me save you the trouble……

The Rabbit Hole

I am admittedly a research junkie. If I find a topic that I am interested in, I research until I find sensible answers. I look at all of the scientific evidence to come to a solid conclusion. My research has never failed me.

Other research:

Fortunately, my research on Chemtrails led me to a meticulously documented set of websites. After review of the articles, science, many hours of videos, and some discussion with the author of these sites Jim Lee, I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Lee’s research work and meticulous documentation is spot on. Let Mr. Lee save you the trouble of falling deep into the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories!



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