Vegan Men Have 13% Higher Testosterone Levels!

Vegan Bodybuilder Paul Carmen

It is true that vegan men have 13% HIGHER testosterone levels than meat eaters and 8% higher than vegetarian men.

In this Study: Hormones and diet: low insulin-like growth factor-I but normal bioavailable androgens in vegan men (

They include 696 men of whom 226 were meat-eaters, 237 were vegetarians and 233 were vegans, recruited between 1994 and 1997 that had given blood samples.

According to the study, those samples indicated that:

All mean hormone concentrations are adjusted for age, smoking status, vigorous exercise, time of day of venipuncture, time since last eaten at venipuncture and time between venipuncture and blood processing. Mean hormone concentrations are presented with and without adjustment for BMI (Table 2). Vegan men had on average 9% lower IGF-I levels than meat-eaters (P< 0.01) and 8% lower levels than vegetarians (P< 0.01); adjustment for BMI made little difference to these values. Prior to adjustment for BMI, SHBG levels in vegans were 16% higher than in meat-eaters (P<0.0001), and 12% higher than in vegetarians (P= 0.0008); adjustment for BMI reduced these differences to 6% (P= 0.02) and 10% (P= 0.004), respectively. Vegans had 13% higher testosterone concentration than meat-eaters (P= 0.0001) and 8% higher than vegetarians (P=0.001); adjustment for BMI reduced these differences to 6% (P=0.07) and 7% (P= 0.02), respectively.

Of additional note, there were substantial differences in plasma total cholesterol, with vegans having 17% lower mean values than meat-eaters, and 10% lower values than vegetarians, and adjustment for BMI made little difference to these values.

Men and women alike THRIVE on a whole food plant based vegan diet. I have seen many examples of this. One that comes to mind is the Instagram Account @verysexyvegans . There are over 1400 fit, sexy vegans posted there.

Very Sexy Vegans

It is possible that the study above is somewhat inconclusive due to the mean age of the men in the study, although they indicate that all levels were adjusted for age. The vegan group was 10 years younger. They also had a lower alcohol consumption.

Testosterone does have much to do with sexual function as men age. However, it has nothing to so with Erectile Dysfunction. ED is a direct result of lack of nitric oxide (fruits and vegetables), and too much saturated fats in a mans diet. The result is called Endothelial Dysfunction and is the same metabolic mechanism that caused Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. If you or someone you know has ED, it is a warning sign for an impending heart attack. I have would encourage you to check out my article on Erectile Dysfunction.

The main purpose for this article is to get people thinking differently about protein and fit vegans, as well as sexual function. But mainly it was intended to create a little awareness about Erectile Dysfunction and it’s warning signs. So yes, it was a little click bait-ish! But I hope you enjoyed the content.

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